Dr Kelvin MP Wang wrote a newspaper column entitled “Electronic cigarettes dose not help teenagers quit smoking” published by am730 on 8 July 2019. He expressed concerns about the growing popularity electronic cigarette use in teenagers worldwide and in Hong Kong. Citing research findings from HKU Youth Quitline [1], which found no association between electronic cigarettes use and quitting in adolescent smokers in Hong Kong, Dr Wang expressed concerns that electronic cigarettes use might suppress smoking cessation. He ended the column by advocating a total ban of alternative tobacco products in Hong Kong.

Dr Derek YT Cheung also wrote a column published by am730 earlier this year (25 March 2019) entitled “Advising smokers to quit near rubbish bin by Smoking cessation ambassadors“. Dr Cheung described the findings from a pre-post study [2] conducted by our team, which provides support for using smoking cessation ambassadors (consisted of university students) to engage and motivate smokers gathering at smoking hotspots–where ashtrays were available (e.g., rubbish bins)–in smoking cessation.

Related journal articles:

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